Advanced Search Tools For Google’s GitHub

It was recently announced that the update for Cloud Source Repositories was released. The sole purpose of it is to make your search more comfortable and more productive. The option is the very same that Google employees use on a daily basis and the beta version of it available.

You probably remember that something like that was already released by Google, but Google Code search, that was the name of the feature was canceled in 2012. The old feature helped you look through any open-source code available while the new one will allow you look for your own code or your coworkers’ code only. The company says that when you are looking through the code locally, it may bring you the old information which is indeed not very useful.

What is more, this new feature will allow you to mirror the code. It is still under some doubt whether the developers will try this out just because of the search, but Google is definitely trying to win the audience. However, it should also be noted that all the mirrored repositories can be found in a single try. So that, it does not matter if you have a small project or a bigger one you will be able to work faster. Such an approach will surely keep developers active and will keep codes up to date.

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