AI is going to help Facebook fix all the bugs

There is an upcoming release from Facebook, called SapFix. SapFix is the tool that is going to not only discover the bugs in the code but also help fix it. When the tool finds a bug in the code, it is going to come up with possible ways to fix it and will inform the developers. As for not the program is being able to correct all the errors found by Sapienz, another tool from Facebook, and developers say that in the future it is going to fix any error in the code.

In case you wonder how exactly it is going to work – it is going to roll back the particular code that resulted in an error. The tool will use its previous experience to fix the bug.

The AI works by rolling back the code which has caused an error. At this point, it refers to its knowledge base of fixes that have worked in the past until it no longer causes an error. When the tool finds the error and comes up with the solution, it will be transferred to the developers who will either accept this possible solution or not.

As the Facebook says, they are already using the SapFix and claims it is extremely useful even though it is still under development, but the producers say that when it is ready, it is going to change the whole code generation.

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