Android and iOS join forces to ban cryptocurrency mining applications

Recently it has become revealed that Google decides to follow Apple’s footsteps and ban those applications that are used for cryptocurrency mining. Such apps will be deleted from its app store.

No so long ago, just a month ago, Apple stated that they are not going to tolerate the existing of cryptocurrency mining apps anymore. Google did not follow the lead immediately, but after close consideration, they decide to introduce such policy themselves. No one knows the behind reasons for such a decision, but it can be mentioned that Google is afraid that mining apps can interfere with their advertising business.

Even though many cryptocurrency mining processes require some excellent software, there are some that can be used on the mobile as well. What is more, the developers of currencies place many such apps in Play store where anyone with an Android system can get them. However, according to the current Google policy, such things will be not only forbidden, but the apps will be permanently deleted from the Play Store. Yet, the inside sources say that the apps will still be uploaded directly on the device, but at least Google will come clean-handed.

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