ARCore and ARKit will become more comfortable to use with the help of Unity

Unity is a known game platform, and now it is going to suggest something entirely new but definitely useful and even necessary. The thing is that Unity decided to make it easier to build applications that support ARCore as well as ARKit and the new platform is called API. With this new creation, Unity claims to solve a lot of issues that are faced by developers in the process.

It is true that Unity always tried to stay in the front when it comes to AR development, but this time they decided to go even further. Now, they provide an API that functions with ARCore, ARKit and is also planned to operate with other platforms that may be created in the future. What is more, AR Foundation is very easy to integrate, all you need is a Package Manager, and you can continue your work.

Unity claims that the least of features available now is not complete and they are going to add more and more in the future. The primary goal of AR Foundation is to ease the cross-platform development so that all the people creating new content can reach out to the broader audience.

API is already available, so that is you are a creative developer who wants to try out something new, it is time to get started! With these new possibilities, anything is possible.

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