Wear OS is going to be reviewed by Google shortly

The reason why Google has decided to review the Wear OS application is that they want to be a 100%sure that it is of the best possible quality. In order to make sure that customers succeed with useful apps for Wear OS all the apps will be evaluated as for the standard quality. Even though the review wasn’t mandatory before, starting with October, it will become such.

All the apps are bound to be reviewed. Otherwise, they may be deleted from the Play Store, and the deadline is  March 4th, 2019. As for the requirements of the review, it is a must that the app fits various types of screen, and there is a corresponding screenshot available in Play Store.

The reason why it is so vital that Wear OS fits all the screen lies in the versatility of Android devices available. What is more, the screens are also round and square, and that should be taken into consideration as well.

Those applications that are still in the development stage can skip the review phase so that it does not interfere with the development process before the launch itself.

In case you are among those who have Wear OS on your Play Store you better review it now. Such actions will surely help Google reviewers to deal with the task easily since the amount of work will surely be tremendous.

ARCore and ARKit will become more comfortable to use with the help of Unity

Unity is a known game platform, and now it is going to suggest something entirely new but definitely useful and even necessary. The thing is that Unity decided to make it easier to build applications that support ARCore as well as ARKit and the new platform is called API. With this new creation, Unity claims to solve a lot of issues that are faced by developers in the process.

It is true that Unity always tried to stay in the front when it comes to AR development, but this time they decided to go even further. Now, they provide an API that functions with ARCore, ARKit and is also planned to operate with other platforms that may be created in the future. What is more, AR Foundation is very easy to integrate, all you need is a Package Manager, and you can continue your work.

Unity claims that the least of features available now is not complete and they are going to add more and more in the future. The primary goal of AR Foundation is to ease the cross-platform development so that all the people creating new content can reach out to the broader audience.

API is already available, so that is you are a creative developer who wants to try out something new, it is time to get started! With these new possibilities, anything is possible.

Free Mobile maps From TomTom For developers

The news has spread that TomTom is suggesting free maps available on the software developer kit it possesses absolutely for free.

The thing is that these days there is barely any business sphere that does not use mobile to increase their income and sales, that is why maps that provide the office locations are so crucial for a business to thrive. TomTom maps in their turn have worldwide coverage, and that is indeed helpful for everyone who is just beginning the journey of a businessman. The thing is that being on TomTom’s map means that you are a professional and that is a great attraction for investors as well as customers, which will result in an increased profit for a particular company.

Another beneficial side of TomTom’s offering is that all the maps are entirely free, there are no contracts necessary what is more there is no advertising encoded.

It should also be mentioned that before TomTom introduced the map news, they presented their new device ‘TomTom Go Essential’. It is available for all smartphones and carries out the function of hand-free calls as well as voice control. This device also includes all the traffic updates and real-time maps, so that even the new road won’t be a difficulty for an equipped customer.

Swift From Apple Is On The Edge of Glory

You may have already heard that Apple has created its own programing language and right now it hit top ten list. As it turns out this programing language is one of those that developers prefer to use in their projects.

The Swift is almost four years old, but it is indeed very popular. However, when you think about it for a while, it becomes clear why it is so required among the developers. The thing is that with this language you can create apps for the iPhone, Apple Watch, and Macintosh.

When you compare Swift to Even Go from Google, created in 2009 – it didn’t get into the top 10. However, Kotlin from Google is a second fastest growing language even though it reaches only 27 positions.

When Apple created it Swift all they wanted was to make the life of programmers a lot easier. This means that not only freshmen programmers should feel how easy it is to learn to program, but the seniors too could compare. Another distinctive feature of Swift was that it was created to both make the life of a programmer more comfortable and to perform flawlessly at the same time.

When compared to Kotlin, they both have similar goals, but Kotlin is compatible with Java, and that means that programmers can interact with the two. The fact that Kotlin is compatible with Java makes it more useful to the broader audience rather than Swift.

It is evident that both languages are very popular and promising, which one to chose it is up to you to decide! Powered by maybach excelero review made by glory4cars

Advanced Search Tools For Google’s GitHub

It was recently announced that the update for Cloud Source Repositories was released. The sole purpose of it is to make your search more comfortable and more productive. The option is the very same that Google employees use on a daily basis and the beta version of it available.

You probably remember that something like that was already released by Google, but Google Code search, that was the name of the feature was canceled in 2012. The old feature helped you look through any open-source code available while the new one will allow you look for your own code or your coworkers’ code only. The company says that when you are looking through the code locally, it may bring you the old information which is indeed not very useful.

What is more, this new feature will allow you to mirror the code. It is still under some doubt whether the developers will try this out just because of the search, but Google is definitely trying to win the audience. However, it should also be noted that all the mirrored repositories can be found in a single try. So that, it does not matter if you have a small project or a bigger one you will be able to work faster. Such an approach will surely keep developers active and will keep codes up to date.

In-House Programming Language from Google For Smartphones

It is safe to say that right now Google is trying to create something never experienced before. The thing is that the software from Google can be applied to a vast amount of devices what it more it can be quickly spread via computer data centers. It should be mentioned that the speed the Google is working is almost the one of light. There is a tremendous amount of people working on every project so that the company keeps up in the front.

It is true that all the software requires a language and Google decided to use their own programming language – Go. With the help of this language, many things were created, and now the new version of it was released. What is more, it is claimed that go can be used even on a smartphone. It is true that all the smartphone software becomes more involved with every new model that is why there is no wonder why Google decided to introduce Go to smartphones. First implemented at Chery QQ Review by Glory4Cars.com

Just like Apple is exploring Swift on iPhone, Google decided to do the same but not only on Androids but on Apple as well. The coders throughout the world say that this project will undoubtedly be profitable and effective, but there are still too many things to be done.

The continuous dominance of Java and JavaScript over enterprise development landscape

It is a known fact that so far Java and JavaScript remain dominant in the sphere of enterprise developer landscape. However, the research proves that they may not remain that way in the future. If we are to trust recent reports out of 25 languages, there are five main ones: Java, JavaScript, C++, C#, and Python. Even though C# and Python are lagging behind a little C++ follows Java and JavaScript closely.

Besides, it has been noted that the amount of languages used within a particular company depends significantly on the size of the company itself. For example, the bigger is the company, the more languages it uses and vice versa. This also explains why C# and Python are in the fourth and fifth place since large enterprises do not limit themselves with the use of Java and JavaScript only.

It should be mentioned that such a polyglot notion is relatively new since not so long ago large companies wouldn’t dare to experiment with different languages in the process.

The thing is that a multi-lingual approach makes the production a lot more effective since every developer chooses the suitable language to his own needs and the project he is working on, which will undoubtedly increase the productivity and that is a great thing for sure. Moreover the latest trend is to use this technology in the car industry. It was implemented at Fiat 600 Review by Glory4Cars

Chrome OS recommendations for Android applications

It is not a secret to anyone that Google wants to bring the desktop and mobile platforms together, and because of that the setup of Chrome OS now recommends the installation of Android applications.

As far back as in 2016 Google pronounced support for Android in Chrome, despite the fact that there was a considerable amount of bugs and errors as of now over 80 Chrome books are added.

If some time before Google wasn’t sure if there were enough users of Android not it seems to be quite sure that Android apps on Chrome will bring success.

How does it work? When you set up a Chromebook, and then your android is connected to your account, all the applications that are already on the device will be suggested for you to install.

Any application that you select will be downloaded straight away, and the dialog window will tell you that there are many more useful apps to install and you can find them in Play Store.

Such a step can be taken as an attempt by Google to become closer to Android. Such a connection will certainly make a lot of things more comfortable, the transition from device to device in particular. Both users of Android and Chrome OS an undoubtedly benefit from such a feature not to mention the companies themselves. Especially by Jaguar Q-type Review from G4C

Android and iOS join forces to ban cryptocurrency mining applications

Recently it has become revealed that Google decides to follow Apple’s footsteps and ban those applications that are used for cryptocurrency mining. Such apps will be deleted from its app store.

No so long ago, just a month ago, Apple stated that they are not going to tolerate the existing of cryptocurrency mining apps anymore. Google did not follow the lead immediately, but after close consideration, they decide to introduce such policy themselves. No one knows the behind reasons for such a decision, but it can be mentioned that Google is afraid that mining apps can interfere with their advertising business.

Even though many cryptocurrency mining processes require some excellent software, there are some that can be used on the mobile as well. What is more, the developers of currencies place many such apps in Play store where anyone with an Android system can get them. However, according to the current Google policy, such things will be not only forbidden, but the apps will be permanently deleted from the Play Store. Yet, the inside sources say that the apps will still be uploaded directly on the device, but at least Google will come clean-handed.

AI is going to help Facebook fix all the bugs

There is an upcoming release from Facebook, called SapFix. SapFix is the tool that is going to not only discover the bugs in the code but also help fix it. When the tool finds a bug in the code, it is going to come up with possible ways to fix it and will inform the developers. As for not the program is being able to correct all the errors found by Sapienz, another tool from Facebook, and developers say that in the future it is going to fix any error in the code.

In case you wonder how exactly it is going to work – it is going to roll back the particular code that resulted in an error. The tool will use its previous experience to fix the bug.

The AI works by rolling back the code which has caused an error. At this point, it refers to its knowledge base of fixes that have worked in the past until it no longer causes an error. When the tool finds the error and comes up with the solution, it will be transferred to the developers who will either accept this possible solution or not.

As the Facebook says, they are already using the SapFix and claims it is extremely useful even though it is still under development, but the producers say that when it is ready, it is going to change the whole code generation.