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How to backup a crypto wallet

That’s a must-have thing and most reputable programs or online services will offer you to do this immediately after the creation of the crypto wallet. Thanks to this backup, you can restore access to your savings even if you lose your laptop, phone, PC or hardware wallet, not to mention such unpleasant situations as freezing, […]

Gambling industry: the impact of technology

Since its dawn, the gambling industry has implemented a number of technological methods to ensure sufficient accessibility and relevance. Innovation in technology has turned out to be the key driver of the rapid advancement of gambling. Therefore, today gambling has become an extremely easy thing, much easier than ever before. These days literally any handset […]

Unexpected rebrand from Uber

Not so long ago, only three years ago, Uber was designed to be a startup used by people everywhere on a daily basis. However, just a couple of days ago Uber came up with fresh news. The thing is that this time the identity was bettered and all the deficiencies that could be spotted before […]