Chrome OS recommendations for Android applications

It is not a secret to anyone that Google wants to bring the desktop and mobile platforms together, and because of that the setup of Chrome OS now recommends the installation of Android applications.

As far back as in 2016 Google pronounced support for Android in Chrome, despite the fact that there was a considerable amount of bugs and errors as of now over 80 Chrome books are added.

If some time before Google wasn’t sure if there were enough users of Android not it seems to be quite sure that Android apps on Chrome will bring success.

How does it work? When you set up a Chromebook, and then your android is connected to your account, all the applications that are already on the device will be suggested for you to install.

Any application that you select will be downloaded straight away, and the dialog window will tell you that there are many more useful apps to install and you can find them in Play Store.

Such a step can be taken as an attempt by Google to become closer to Android. Such a connection will certainly make a lot of things more comfortable, the transition from device to device in particular. Both users of Android and Chrome OS an undoubtedly benefit from such a feature not to mention the companies themselves.

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