Free Mobile maps From TomTom For developers

The news has spread that TomTom is suggesting free maps available on the software developer kit it possesses absolutely for free.

The thing is that these days there is barely any business sphere that does not use mobile to increase their income and sales, that is why maps that provide the office locations are so crucial for a business to thrive. TomTom maps in their turn have worldwide coverage, and that is indeed helpful for everyone who is just beginning the journey of a businessman. The thing is that being on TomTom’s map means that you are a professional and that is a great attraction for investors as well as customers, which will result in an increased profit for a particular company.

Another beneficial side of TomTom’s offering is that all the maps are entirely free, there are no contracts necessary what is more there is no advertising encoded.

It should also be mentioned that before TomTom introduced the map news, they presented their new device ‘TomTom Go Essential’. It is available for all smartphones and carries out the function of hand-free calls as well as voice control. This device also includes all the traffic updates and real-time maps, so that even the new road won’t be a difficulty for an equipped customer.

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