Google search in China connects searches to personal phone numbers

The recent news state that Google is currently working on the creation of a search engine system that will link personal search history to a phone number. It is said that such a service is introduced to obey the censorship policy of China. The app wears the name a “Dragonfly” and it a secret project created with the sole purpose to track personal searches of individual people.

As of now, there was no confirmation from Google that something like this exists the only report from the company was that they are exploring the ways the search systems in China work.

However, it is already stated that a couple of google workers quit because of Dragonfly. What is more, a lot of google workers demanded in a written form to provide more information on what is going on. Besides, it has been already stated that Congress is bound to make sure that no human rights are violated.

It is true that Google had to back off from chine in 2010 since it remained blocked, however, if they cooperate with Chinese government things may change. To sum everything up, it is safe to say that no matter whether Google comply with the Chinese government or not Dragonfly will not be the most reliable app to use. It is highly insecure to host user date in China when the government can easily gather and use it.

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