How to backup a crypto wallet

That’s a must-have thing and most reputable programs or online services will offer you to do this immediately after the creation of the crypto wallet. Thanks to this backup, you can restore access to your savings even if you lose your laptop, phone, PC or hardware wallet, not to mention such unpleasant situations as freezing, failure or accidental deletion of the client program.

The backup in the simplest form of the paper crypto wallet. In simple terms, these are just two keys – an open key (address) and a closed one (private). They represent a weird set of symbols. As a rule, it’s a QR code. However, for the last time, many cryptocurrency wallets offer a more original way to create a backup – with the help of a so-called Seed-phrase made up of a dozen or two dozen words, usually written in Latin.

In any case, the keys and the Seed-phrase should not be stored on a computer with Internet access because it’s quite dangerous. Ideally, you need to write down or print out the information necessary for restoring access and store this stuff in a drawer or safe. Avoid storing it in your pocket. To be on the safe side, you’d better make several copies. You don’t need to worry if you utilize ETZ wallet.

Some desktop client programs store keys in a wallet.dat file (or something like this). You should realize that a simple backup of this file can then help in case of access recovery. However, it would be much better for you to carefully get familiar with the recommendations of those who work with the same client as yours, and understand how it all works in the case of your implementation of a crypto wallet.

There are a number of extra backup options, but they can vary depending on the application. In any case, you should immediately take measures to make the required backup. Otherwise, it would be too late. If there are several ways to create backup copies of data, you’d better make use of all of them.

However, you shouldn’t forget that these data can’t be reported and passed to anyone. Otherwise, this way you would give everything that you have to scammers who have lured you into a trap. You’d better store them outside the computer or phone.

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