In-House Programming Language from Google For Smartphones

It is safe to say that right now Google is trying to create something never experienced before. The thing is that the software from Google can be applied to a vast amount of devices what it more it can be quickly spread via computer data centers. It should be mentioned that the speed the Google is working is almost the one of light. There is a tremendous amount of people working on every project so that the company keeps up in the front.

It is true that all the software requires a language and Google decided to use their own programming language – Go. With the help of this language, many things were created, and now the new version of it was released. What is more, it is claimed that go can be used even on a smartphone. It is true that all the smartphone software becomes more involved with every new model that is why there is no wonder why Google decided to introduce Go to smartphones.

Just like Apple is exploring Swift on iPhone, Google decided to do the same but not only on Androids but on Apple as well. The coders throughout the world say that this project will undoubtedly be profitable and effective, but there are still too many things to be done.

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