iPhone XS: Bugs and Problems

Being one of the most long-awaited devices for 2018, iPhone XS has currently hit the world market. The smartphone offers a wide variety of extended options and a brand new design. However, users all over the world have been reporting on some serious issues concerning pop gadget.

iPhone XS Issues:

  • Shots that are out of focus. The newest beautification technology embedded in the front-facing camera often makes a photo look like it’s out of focus.
  • No charge. Some devices can’t be successfully charged with the Lightning cable. If your device is in the sleep mode, you might face with charge issues in this mode. Furthermore, it might start charging, when suddenly stop in a short period of time.
  • Wi-Fi connection problems. The speed might be significantly lower than in earlier iPhone models. Furthermore, the smartphone’s LTE connectivity also drops beyond the expectations. The matter is that Apple has changed its smartphone’s modems to Intel.

However, Apple developers have been working hard for resolving those issues to offer the best quality of product that has millions of fans worldwide.

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