Missouri scientists find out that stress is the main speech disorders causer

Few know that the phobia of public speaking leads the list of the greatest fears. Suchlike stress often leads to stuttering, forgetting words, or feeling like you swallowed a «frog». Missouri`s University researchers found that voice problems are not just the result of ordinary nervousness, these are serious brain processes.

One of the professors of the speech sciences is at the stage of studying the voice impairments. Through multiple experiments, she found that brain processes and activation caused by stress can easily lead to voice disorders. These disorders can have various forms such as:

1) muscle tension hoarseness;

2) disorder from the strong tension of vocal muscles in the voice box;

3) disorder from the strong tension of vocal muscles around the voice box.

Moreover, stress can also cause bodily changes such as:

1) muscle intension;

2) temporary memory loss;

3) irritability.

And all this also affects our speech. Conducting more and more researches, we can fully understand the connection between voice control and stress,will provide an opportunity to accurately determine brain processes that in turn affect the voice and, of course, find the optimal solution to that issue.

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