Modern technology for listening to music through the skin

The American company Not Impossible Labs, owned by film producer Mick Ebeling, created a device that allows you to listen to music through the skin.

According to this is reported on the official website of the developer.

The Music: Not Impossible project is based on long-term scientific studies, according to which human skin senses changes in amplitude and intensity of the sound signal and finely distinguishes frequencies.

The system consists of bracelets for hands and ankles, as well as a harness that runs along the back and shoulders. The device interacts with the sound system of the room and sends the corresponding electrical impulses to the sensors on the skin.

According to the developers, human skin determines the frequencies in the range from 10 to 1,000 GHz worse than hearing. But it captures the intensity and changes in the amplitude of the sound signal well. The creators also noted that the new technology will help people with poor hearing. Those interested were able to test the system. The video of the first experiments the company posted on its official YouTube channel.

The commercial version of the device can be presented as early as 2019.

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