Swift From Apple Is On The Edge of Glory

You may have already heard that Apple has created its own programing language and right now it hit top ten list. As it turns out this programing language is one of those that developers prefer to use in their projects.

The Swift is almost four years old, but it is indeed very popular. However, when you think about it for a while, it becomes clear why it is so required among the developers. The thing is that with this language you can create apps for the iPhone, Apple Watch, and Macintosh.

When you compare Swift to Even Go from Google, created in 2009 – it didn’t get into the top 10. However, Kotlin from Google is a second fastest growing language even though it reaches only 27 positions.

When Apple created it Swift all they wanted was to make the life of programmers a lot easier. This means that not only freshmen programmers should feel how easy it is to learn to program, but the seniors too could compare. Another distinctive feature of Swift was that it was created to both make the life of a programmer more comfortable and to perform flawlessly at the same time.

When compared to Kotlin, they both have similar goals, but Kotlin is compatible with Java, and that means that programmers can interact with the two. The fact that Kotlin is compatible with Java makes it more useful to the broader audience rather than Swift.

It is evident that both languages are very popular and promising, which one to chose it is up to you to decide!

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