The Apple Pencil 2 will be much better than its predecessor

With the release of the second version of Apple Pencil, the Apple company is going to fix all the problems it had earlier. Among other announcements by this company, information about Apple Pencil will also be interesting for people who like to draw on screens.

The device was redesigned to look even better than before. Now it includes the detachable cap, a flat edge, and the matte finish. It shows that there were many improvements in comparison to the first version of Apple Pencil.

It also supports gesture controls that make your work with this device easier. It also has such a popular feature as wireless charging. Because of the flat edge, the device will not roll out of the table and can be combined with an iPad Pro, that is much easier than plugging into the port, as it was earlier.

To switch tools, users just need to tap the side on the pencil. Users will also be able to customize their gestures to work with apps that were developed not by Apple. If you are going to buy this device, you should wait until November 6 and pay $129 for it.

You should know that Apple Pencil 2 will not be compatible with all devices that its predecessor was compatible with. If you want to use all its features, you need to have the 2018 version of iPad Pro that supports this device.

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