The best three substitutes for Putlocker

Putlocker is a top choice of many people using online streaming websites to watch trending films and series. When it’s shut down, you should have good alternatives to access the necessary content. The good news is that there are many excellent choices. Look at this list of top three online streaming sites that can be used to get the most enjoyable online watching experience.


It’s a relatively new online streaming platform, which deals mainly with movies and TV series. Look at its great collection of videos, and they all are conveniently categorized by genre to make it easy for you to access them.

Use a special search tab in the user interface and other effective filtration features. Feel free to save favorite videos, thanks to the unique bookmark function. Another great thing is that all shows and films on this site have their viewer stats to help visitors evaluate the content and choose the best options. is regularly updated with the newest videos too, and they all are available in HD quality.

Solar Movie

It’s a great substitute for Putlocker because of a powerful search engine. Use it to get access to online movies for free. The online streaming website has the home page that displays a collection of popular films, including the newest ones. Pay attention to their user ratings and other basic details to choose the best one to watch this evening. Solar Movie has a number of convenient and useful features to make your experience simple and beneficial.


It’s another excellent alternative to Putlocker used by many people globally. GoMovies is a relatively new site that has a range of great features to let visitors download and watch a number of TV series and movies for free. How can you do that? The process is quite simple and straightforward because all users need to do is to log in.

You also have a great possibility of creating your own playlist of favorite movies, shows, and other videos. They all are arranged in a variety of categories in a convenient manner. The most popular ones include romance, action, drama, thriller, and others. This feature makes it easy for visitors to find the best movies of their choice.

The above-mentioned three Putlocker alternatives will help you access favorite TV series and movies instantly. Use them to enjoy online streaming benefits.

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