The continuous dominance of Java and JavaScript over enterprise development landscape

It is a known fact that so far Java and JavaScript remain dominant in the sphere of enterprise developer landscape. However, the research proves that they may not remain that way in the future. If we are to trust recent reports out of 25 languages, there are five main ones: Java, JavaScript, C++, C#, and Python. Even though C# and Python are lagging behind a little C++ follows Java and JavaScript closely.

Besides, it has been noted that the amount of languages used within a particular company depends significantly on the size of the company itself. For example, the bigger is the company, the more languages it uses and vice versa. This also explains why C# and Python are in the fourth and fifth place since large enterprises do not limit themselves with the use of Java and JavaScript only.

It should be mentioned that such a polyglot notion is relatively new since not so long ago large companies wouldn’t dare to experiment with different languages in the process.

The thing is that a multi-lingual approach makes the production a lot more effective since every developer chooses the suitable language to his own needs and the project he is working on, which will undoubtedly increase the productivity and that is a great thing for sure. Moreover the latest trend is to use this technology in the car industry.

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