Unexpected rebrand from Uber

Not so long ago, only three years ago, Uber was designed to be a startup used by people everywhere on a daily basis. However, just a couple of days ago Uber came up with fresh news. The thing is that this time the identity was bettered and all the deficiencies that could be spotted before were corrected.

It is true that Uber is a brand that is recognizable everywhere, even if you haven’t used it before you surely know what it is, there is no doubt about it. Yet, it should be mentioned that if before Uber tried to suit up the local cultures, now it is centered on suitability for everyone and everywhere, and that is the feature that differs the new identity from the old one.

Of course, Uber started from obvious and most expected rebrand – the logotype. It is true that they didn’t come with anything unique, mostly decided to follow the flow and track the footsteps of Google, Opera, and Mastercard. As for the color palette, Uber sticks to black and white, but something blue has been added too. The new, adaptable u-shaped should also be mentioned.

As a matter of fact, Uber Is not about cars only, not anymore, and that is something they decided to emphasize on with the help of this rebrand. We think they managed to succeed with what they aimed at.

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